Trade like a pro with BullRidr!

  • Manage a winning portfolio in only minutes a day

  • Does not access your trading or financial accounts

  • No subscription or fees, that's right, FREE!

  • Monitors 1000s of Stocks & ETFs daily

The BullRidr intuitive stock trading dashboards are easy to use

How does it work?

Buying and selling automated stock picks displayed by BullRidr

  1. Before beginning, please read and accept the BullRidr Terms of Use
  2. Setup a Paper Trading account at a site such as TradeMonster or ThinkOrSwim (fake money account)
  3. Set your maximum desired capital amount located above in the toolbar, 100k often matches the paper trading account
  4. Check the Current Portfolio Dashboard for buy & sell actions (updated every 15 minutes)
  5. Place new trades when the signal says buy
    - Buy # Shares Indicated (calculated as a portion of your max capital size)
  6. Sell existing trades when the BullRidr signal indicates sell
  7. By continuing you accept BullRidr Terms of Use